June Skål USA Monthly Report

June 1 Skål International USA Executive Committee Meeting

All Executive Committee members participated in the June 1 teleconference. Senior Auditor Anita Peck did not attend.  

A bullet point summary is as follows:

Upcoming North American Skål Congress: Skål International USA President, Holly Powers

  • Consent agenda was adopted unanimously.
  • On Saturday, June 17 the Annual General Meeting will be held in the morning and the National Committee Meeting in the afternoon.
  • There will be voting on bylaw changes as proposed by SI Orlando and SI Atlantic City.
  • Proposed rules for debate will be offered for approval by the body before the rules are employed.
  • The AGM from 8:30-10:45 am will include recognizing the club of the year.
  • The afternoon NCM will include a consent agenda, color coded voting after our auditors provide credentials, and an opportunity for open discussion.
  • Vice President Burcin Turkkan will present the new Skål International USA media kit.
  • Director Steve Richer will present our five advocacy issues.
  • Arkansas and Northern New Jersey are twinning their clubs domestically.
  • NCM will include proposed FY18 budget; FY17 budget is on the consent agenda.
  • Changes at NASC include a Canadian and a US hospitality room with usable drink tickets in either room on only Thursday and Friday nights, two drinks per delegate.

Report of Vice President of Finance Alton Hagen

  • Proposed FY18 budget is up $7000 with an anticipated $4000 surplus with anticipation of 5% less members.
  • Travel expenses are less than 50% of the proposed budget as required.


Vice President of Administration Burcin Turkkan

North American Skål Congress information:

  • 42 clubs are attending the North American Skål Congress with 47 total votes; 5 clubs have 2 votes each based on membership,
  • Please wear blue shirts to the opening ceremonies,
  • The EC will not be offering its opinion on proposed by-law changes.
  • 11 club presidents participated in the June 1 presidents call. Next call might be in September.
  • Media kit will be distributed to the clubs with a commission for any advertising generated.

Skål International Councillor Cyndi Golden

  • Reported on proposed change of the SI Executive Committee to four elected officers, plus the chair of the Skål International Council and likely candidates for this year.
  • Cyndi represented the USA at the Skål International Council meeting in George, South Africa, last month.

Vice President of Membership Toni Koster

  • Reported on club building efforts in Richmond, Savannah, Phoenix, and Fresno.
  • Alerted Executive Committee to give attention to SI Reno. She will be transferring to another club soon in Florida, as she is moving.
  • Membership development incentives are working with prizes from Reno, Nashville, Myrtle Beach, and the Alabama Gulf Shores.
  • One member has already recruited four new members.

Director of Membership Jim Dwyer

  • Reported that SI Long Island is adding members.
  • Reported solid progress on the Manual of Instruction, both in reduction of pages and utility.
  • Reported membership guide will be available in August.

Director of Membership Dave Ryan

  • Reported work on revitalizing SI Fresno.

Director of Public Relations and Communications Steve Richer

  • Recommended support for continuation of funding for Brand USA by Advocacy Committee; adopted unanimously.
  • Reported on status of website information from NGOs; four have submitted information.
  • Requested $200 to enhance club locator on our website; approved.
  • Reported plans for club development efforts at IPW coming to Washington the following week.
  • Executive Committee reviewed methods of how Skål International USA could assist new clubs.

Looking forward to seeing club representatives in Toronto!



Steve Richer

Director, Public Relations and Communications